Could corporation tax cuts lose the UK £6.2 billion a year? - 30 January 2019

Although the government has stated that cuts in corporation tax will ultimately increase revenue, HMRC has argued that it could actually cost the public around £6.2 billion a year.

Services sector exports record numbers, report shows - 28 January 2019

The UK services sector has experienced a record year, increasing exports to regions all around the world.

Businesses reminded to take steps to prepare for upcoming payroll changes - 24 January 2019

Business owners in the UK are being reminded to take sufficient measures to prepare their businesses for the upcoming changes to legislation regarding payroll, which will come into force on the 6 April 2019.

Employment and overall wages hit record highs - 23 January 2019

In November, Britain saw the largest rise in overall real wages since September 2016, raising the spending power of the average British worker to the highest it has been in two years.

HMRC wrongly issue fines before the self-assessment deadline - 21 January 2019

It has been revealed that Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has wrongly issued millions of fines to taxpayers, just weeks before the self-assessment deadline on the 31st January.

Can you save more than £355 on this year’s self-assessment? - 18 January 2019

Self-employed taxpayers may be failing to claim on average £1,687 in tax-deductible expenses, a new report has revealed.

HMRC shifting the “tax burden” onto UK consumers - 16 January 2019

Accounting experts have accused HMRC of shifting the “tax burden” onto UK consumers after finding that 21 per cent of their total income is accounted for by VAT.