SME decision-makers are ‘wasting two days a week’ on administrative processes - 12 December 2018

A new study published this week reveals that UK small businesses bosses and decision-makers are ‘wasting’ anywhere up to two full days every week managing workplace processes and administrative procedures.

Generational divide over potential tax increase in UK - 10 December 2018

A recent survey conducted by Populus shows there is a clear generational divide over the issue of whether to increase taxation to help fund the public sector, with under-45s being much less supportive than those aged over 45.

UK exports jump in 2018, figures reveal - 7 December 2018

The number of businesses exporting goods in the UK has increased to 110,000, new figures reveal.

HMRC urging businesses to prepare for potential no-deal Brexit - 6 December 2018

Ahead of Britain’s upcoming departure from the European Union (EU), HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is warning businesses about the necessary steps they need to take to prepare for the unlikely event of a no-deal Brexit.

What happens if I want to protect my assets from IHT? - 5 December 2018

In the UK, individuals and families who wish to pass on their legacy need to tread very carefully in order to ensure they are not hit with a hefty Inheritance Tax (IHT) bill. IHT is levied at a rate of

House of Lords report criticises HMRC’s treatment of taxpayers - 5 December 2018

A new House of Lords report published this week argues that HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is treating taxpayers ‘unfairly’.

Are you entitled to a Christmas tax rebate? - 3 December 2018

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are urging people to check whether they are entitled to claim tax relief from work expenses such as; car mileage, replacing equipment or maintaining uniforms.