Business news

Regulator issues new auto-enrolment guide - 1 April 2015

A new step-by-step guide to help small businesses get ready for their automatic enrolment duties has been launched by the Pensions Regulator. The online guide, written specifically for employers with between one and 50 staff, explains how to complete key

Big companies told to publish payment practices - 1 April 2015

Large companies will be made to publish their payment practices, as part of a government drive to level the playing field for small business. Under measures announced on 20 March, from April 2016 large companies would be required to publish

Business rates review launched - 1 April 2015

A “radical” review of business rates could bring in major changes to the way the annual charge is paid on 1.8 million properties in England. Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander announced the review on 16 March. It is

Consumers ‘concerned over sharing of personal data’ - 1 April 2015

The Information Commissioner has told businesses they need to do more to inform consumers about the way their information is being shared. Christopher Graham’s comments on 18 March followed a survey of 1,575 people on data protection matters, which found

Experts throw out ‘bizarre’ health and safety excuses - 1 April 2015

A ban on paperclips in an office and the cancellation of a custard pie fight were among hundreds of issues reported to health and safety myth busters. The Department of Work and Pensions announced on 25 March that more than

Parties pledge not to raise VAT - 1 April 2015

Businesses and families have been given assurances by the three main political parties that they will not increase VAT. Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls said on 24 March: “The next Labour government will not raise VAT”, describing it as “an unfair

Single corporation tax rate takes effect - 1 April 2015

Businesses are reminded that from 1 April 2015, one single unified rate of corporation tax of 20 per cent applies. The rate applies to all companies other than those with oil and gas ring fenced profits. Under the old regime,