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The Budget 2015 - 18 March 2015

Budget Summary Fifty days before the General Election, Chancellor George Osborne today delivered his sixth and final Budget of this Parliament. Introducing the package of tax and spending plans to the Commons, Mr Osborne said: “Today I report on a

Website set to help academies cut costs - 13 March 2015

The Department for Education has launched a new academies financial benchmarking website, with the aim of helping schools to identify ways to make savings and improve efficiency. The site, which can be accessed here, contains at least 12 months’ income and

Updates issued on contracting out - 13 March 2015

Updated guidance has been issued to academies regarding the contracting out of Education Funding Agency (EFA)-funded provision. The document sets out the additional management controls and procedures the EFA requires from directly funded institutions, including academies, over individual sub-contracting arrangements.

More than 3,500 “coasting” schools could be turned into academies - 13 March 2015

Up to 3,500 primary and secondary schools judged to require improvement by Ofsted could be at risk of being taken over by new head teachers, backed by other successful academies or expert sponsors following this May’s general election. The policy

Teachers pay gap is a risk to “high-quality education” - 25 February 2015

A widening pay gap between teaching and other professions is risking the quality of education in this country. The NASUWT has claimed that the pay gap means the “entitlement of children to a high-quality education is at risk” as teaching

Government warning over super-head pay - 25 February 2015

The Treasury is being slow to deal with “seemingly excessive” pay awards for school super-heads and university leaders, a committee of MPs has warned. The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) reviewed government accounts and concluded that the Treasury had failed to

Academies manage to stockpile billions in savings - 25 February 2015

‘Prudent’ academy schools in England have created financial safety nets worth nearly £2.5bn – more than £550,000 per school. The figures were released by the Department for Education in response to a written parliamentary question from Labour MP Frank Dobson.