Legal news

Increase in reopened divorce cases provides a financial boost for legal firms - 22 July 2015

According to recent data, the number of people returning to the courts to get a better divorce settlement doubled last year. This trend has been partly linked to the economic recovery, as people have more money to spend on legal

New survey reveals ‘typical’ client - 22 July 2015

New data from the Legal Ombudsman, based upon a survey of 32,000 people, has found that the ‘typical’ user of legal services is financially stable, earns at least £35,000 and is married or living with a partner. The in-depth survey

Law firms risk disciplinary hearings if they fail to close down properly - 22 July 2015

Prompted by a series of recent disciplinary hearings, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has reminded law firms that they must have an exit strategy in place, in order to close down their businesses properly should the need arise. The Solicitors

Law firm mergers dip as economy recovers - 22 July 2015

An improvement to the UK’s economic position has led to a decline in the number of law firms merging, according to new data. The new data showed that during 2014 there were 174 mergers in the UK legal sector, down

Divorcees challenge ‘non-disclosure’ settlements - 11 June 2015

Two women who accepted divorce settlements, based on false information provided by their ex-husbands, have been asking the Supreme Court to overturn their court orders. In a three-day hearing that began on 8 June, Alison Sharland and Varsha Gohil asked

One in four complaints due to lack of fee clarity, says Legal Ombudsman - 11 June 2015

A new report from the Legal ombudsman has revealed that more than a quarter (26 per cent) of complaints it receives are due to a lack of clarity on fees. The study of 4,307 complaints, lodged with the Ombudsman between

Drop in conveyancing rates hits firms - 11 June 2015

The UK’s top five conveyancing firms have handled 36 per cent fewer transactions in the first quarter of this year, according to a new report. The latest Conveyancing Market Tracker survey, conducted by Search Acumen, has revealed that firms as

SRA ‘levels playing field’ for law firms - 11 June 2015

The SRA has moved to “level the playing field” for how law firms operate. Changes to the Separate Business Rule – which mean that solicitors will be able to own or be connected to separate businesses providing non-reserved legal services

Study reveals pay scales for law graduates - 18 May 2015

A new study has revealed that most law graduates can expect to earn £54,000 when they qualify as a solicitor; with wages rising by £25,000 in the first five years. The average starting salary for qualified UK solicitors has been

Most people now expect free legal advice - 18 May 2015

Law firms are increasingly finding that consumers want initial advice provided free of charge, according to new research. A survey by YouGov has found that price is now seen as more important to consumers than reputation or even experience. The