Legal news

Solicitors call for Online Court to have lower £10,000 limit - 23 March 2016

The London Solicitors Litigation Association (LSLA) and the Law Society have called for a lower £10,000 limit for cases in the proposed Online Court (OC). At the start of the year Lord Justice Briggs set out radical plans to create a

Government to expose gender pay gulf in law - 23 March 2016

Leading UK law firms will soon have to publish the gender pay gap of their partners following a change to mandatory reporting requirements proposed by the government. Regulations that take effect before April 2018 are expected to include partner pay

Law Society calls for work experience placements to offer minimum wage - 23 March 2016

Firms should pay those on work experience the minimum wage or above, according to the Law Society, after a survey showed that nearly a quarter of aspiring lawyers have worked for more than six months unpaid. In new guidance to

Law firms should publish details of complaints and prices, consumer panel says - 8 February 2016

The Legal Services Consumer Panel has said that law firms should be required by their regulators to publish details of complaints and average prices on their websites. The Panel has also called on regulators to ensure firms provide “more sector-specific

Solicitors welcome Gove’s legal aid retreat - 8 February 2016

Lawyers across England and Wales are celebrating following the Justice Secretary’s decision to abolish the new criminal legal aid contracting regime. In a ministerial statement made at the end of January, the Lord Chancellor Michael Gove announced that he had

Law Society tells solicitors to prepare for the future - 8 February 2016

The Law Society has today warned law firms that business as usual “is not an option for many, if indeed any, traditional legal service providers”. In a report, entitled The Future of Legal Services, the Law Society has set out what

One in ten legal advice agencies facing closure next year - 25 January 2016

The Ministry of Justice has revealed in a new report that as many as one in ten legal advice agencies will likely close this year. The report by Ipsos Mori, based on telephone interviews with 718 agencies, found that more

Government says PI small claims limit rise ‘long overdue’ - 25 January 2016

In an official response to an online petition, the government has said it is both ‘justifiable and proportionate’ to increase the personal injury small claims limit to £5,000. The Chancellor George Osborne announced the proposed increase, along with the abolition on

Steep rise in court fees confirmed - 25 January 2016

Court fees are set to increase again in order to plug a £1 billion funding gap in the justice system, the Ministry of Justice has confirmed. In a written statement, Justice Minister Shailesh Vara confirmed that fees will increase by

Personal Injury sees massive reform in Autumn Statement - 9 December 2015

Law firms specialising in the provision of personal injury services could see a significant decline in their client base following proposals to raise the small claims limit for personal injury claims and a scrapping of general damages for ‘minor’ whiplash