Increase in reopened divorce cases provides a financial boost for legal firms

22 July, 2015

According to recent data, the number of people returning to the courts to get a better divorce settlement doubled last year. This trend has been partly linked to the economic recovery, as people have more money to spend on legal fees.

Following the effects of the financial crisis, only 3,620 financial claims were made outside the divorce process in 2011. However, this figure rose to 14,690 in 2013, and a significant increase was recorded in 2014 when 29,060 such cases were logged. The figures indicate an eight-fold rise in three years.

Rising asset values, such as property, businesses and shares, combined with rising incomes, are said to be behind people seeking a better deal from their former spouse.

High-profile cases like that of Kathleen Wyatt, who won the right to seek money from her ex-husband (Dale Vince – the founder of green energy company Ecotricity) 30 years after their divorce, has also encouraged more people to return to try and receive a better pay-out.

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