Increases to employment tribunal fees has put off clients

20 June, 2016

As many as one in five employment tribunal cases were withdrawn in 2014 following the introduction of the fee regime in July 2013, according to a study by Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service).

Under the rules introduced three years ago, claimants are required to pay separate fees to issue their claim and have it heard, unless they qualify for a reduction or waiver on the grounds of having limited wealth or low income.

Current claim fees can range from £160 to £250, with additional hearing fees ranging from £230 to nearly £1,000.

The Acas report showed that around one third of claimants reported that they had applied for a fee remission when they made their tribunal application, of which four in five claimants were successful.

A separate study published by Acas last month, revealed that during the last year approximately seven out of ten (71 per cent) claimants avoided going to court after receiving assistance from Acas and in eight out of ten cases that under-go conciliation users feel satisfied with the process.

In light of similar research the government announced in 2014 that it would conduct a review into tribunal fees, but nearly two years on it is yet to publish any findings.

If you are concerned about how the costs of tribunal fees are affecting you practices income, please contact us.