New survey reveals ‘typical’ client

22 July, 2015

New data from the Legal Ombudsman, based upon a survey of 32,000 people, has found that the ‘typical’ user of legal services is financially stable, earns at least £35,000 and is married or living with a partner.

The in-depth survey covered everything from the most popular television programmes to the most popular celebrities to follow on Twitter.

The research found that, two-thirds of service users are classed as professionals, with a gross income of £35,000 or more. Almost two-thirds are married or living with a partner and 43 per cent are aged over 55.

The study also found that, a third of consumers read a red-top newspaper, with 19 per cent not reading any newspaper at all, while the most watched television shows are news programmes. Almost half of consumers visit Facebook at least once a day, with 14 per cent on Twitter and 4 per cent on Instagram and Tumblr.

The study, based on profiling from survey company YouGov, looked into people who have used a legal service in the past two years. The Ombudsman said it commissioned the study to help to better understand consumers of legal services and improve the effectiveness of services provided.

Understanding both your current and prospective clients is an important part of managing a firm and this in-depth research may prove useful to some firms.

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