Only nine per cent of consumers ‘understand’ legal fees, says study

11 November, 2016

A study carried out by a price comparison website has revealed that just nine per cent of consumers ‘understand’ the fees relating to legal services, such as conveyancing, will-writing and divorce.

The research, conducted by comparison site Law Superstore, revealed growing ‘confusion’ surrounding the cost of common legal services in the UK – and suggested that the majority of British consumers were overestimating costs by more than double.

Law Superstore’s survey found that just a fifth (22 per cent) of Britons were seeking legal help when in need, while a quarter (26 per cent) admitted to not seeking assistance when they thought that they should have.

The study suggests that price-related confusion – and fears of overblown costs – are deterring consumers from enquiring about legal services.

15 per cent of those quizzed admitted that they had decided not to pursue a case as opposed to seeking advice, 22 per cent added that they attempted to compile their own case when in need, while 17 per cent said that they had lost out financially after failing to seek advice.

Matthew Briggs, Law Superstore CEO, said: “Lawyers play a critical role in helping people to get the best legal outcome, yet consumers are saying they are confused about how much their services cost and aren’t always seeking advice when they need it. This has to change.”

51 per cent of consumers told the study that when looking for a legal firm, value for money was the most important factor to them.

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