Parliamentary report calls on Government to reduce Tribunal fees

2 May, 2017

A new Parliamentary report entitled Human Rights and Business 2017 is calling on the Government to reduce Tribunal fees.

The report, published by the joint committee on human rights, claims that such fees are “a barrier to victims seeking justice” in relation to “human rights abuses, including discrimination, at the hands of their employers”.

It argues that the fees, which were first introduced in July 2013, “offer impunity for employers abusing human rights”.

In the report, Parliamentarians have accused the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) of complacency and a “lack of engagement,” criticising the Government’s overall approach to business and human rights in general.

In response, Justice Minister Sir Oliver Herald has stressed the prominence of legal aid case funding in relation to certain human rights violations.

But the committee says that more needs to be done to help those wishing to pursue claims against the actions of companies, as opposed to claims against the actions of public authorities.

A Government spokesperson has said: “We will study the proposals of the committee in detail and will provide a full response in due course”.

Justice Minister Sir Oliver Herald added that the Government is currently consulting on introducing improvements to the existing Employment Tribunal fee system.

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