Study sheds light on what businesses look for when outsourcing work to solicitors

20 June, 2017

95 per cent of UK businesses believe that a law firm’s level of ‘transparency’ is most important when outsourcing work to external solicitors, a new study reveals.

According to research carried out by Thompson Reuters, the majority of business clients value ‘responsiveness’ and ‘understanding’ over ‘value for money’ when appointing external law firms to assist them.

However, 65 per cent of those quizzed said that flexible payment options were highly important to them, while 60 per cent added that a breakdown of hourly fees was ‘crucial’ in order to enable them to compare different firms’ offerings.

The survey, entitled Differentiation factor: What do businesses value most from external counsel?, also found that clients were growing increasingly frustrated with having to “chase” solicitors after contracts had been secured.

One survey respondent, on behalf of online travel website Expedia, said: “I’ve had law firms saying they will get back to me within two days and then when those two days are up, they say it will take longer.

“That puts me in a difficult position because I have to then go back to my client and let them know I am unable to get back to them in the timeframe I had agreed.”

Another respondent said that they preferred law firms that offered “fixed or capped fees”.

They said: “This is a big factor in our decision-making process and most firms accommodate capped fees, though not all offer discounted fees.”

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