Watson Buckle: Proud to be a member of one of the world’s oldest international accountancy networks

2 January, 2018

In 2017, global accountancy network MGI Worldwide turned 70. The network, which has been bringing people and businesses together across every continent in the world since 1947, has enjoyed a remarkable history – and Watson Buckle is proud to be a member.

MGI has accomplished a great deal over the past 70 years and has published a detailed timeline charting its historic achievements here.

Our team at Watson Buckle are delighted to be a part of this fantastic and innovative network, which is currently ranked as one of the largest accountancy networks in the world.

By working with MGI over the past few years, our team has been able to offer more to our clients than ever before. We have been able to draw on the knowledge and expertise of other MGI members from all over the world – enabling us to provide a truly bespoke service.

Through our links with tried and tested advisers, we continue to strategically support all of our international clients to the best of our ability, and connect them with external experts all across the globe where appropriate.

Further information about our international services can be accessed here. More details about the MGI network can be found on the network’s brand new website here.