Bradford businesses benefit from cyber security seminar hosted by forward-thinking accountancy firm

24 January, 2018

Forward-thinking West Yorkshire accountancy firm Watson Buckle recently hosted a cyber security seminar presented by members of staff from Barclays Bank in Bradford.

The event, which took place on Friday 19 January, invited attendees from Bradford’s business community to think carefully about cyber security and the risks posed to businesses by cyber fraud.

Speakers from Barclays Bank also explored the phenomenon of ‘social engineering’ – whereby fraudsters will manipulate people into performing certain actions, such as divulging their personal information.

Representatives from several businesses based in West Yorkshire and beyond attended the event – many of whom are longstanding clients of Watson Buckle.

Attendees had the opportunity to learn about how to stay safe in the age of invoice fraud, email interception, online phishing and scam phone calls.

Speeches were followed by a short Q&A session, enabling business representatives to pose topical questions of their own to Barclays’ experts.

Selina Armitage, Corporate Services Manager at Watson Buckle, said: “Barclays’ presentation provided everyone at the seminar with an essential overview of today’s emerging cyber security threats – including useful tips on how to stay protected.”

Mark Wilcock, who was recently appointed Joint-Managing Director at Watson Buckle, added: “Cyber security is growing increasingly important for businesses in today’s digital age and this seminar was full of invaluable information and advice for firms that are struggling to come to terms with the increasing complexity of cybercrime.

“I am glad Watson Buckle had the opportunity to host this important event and I am sure all those in attendance went back to their offices a little wiser and a lot safer, as far as cyber security is concerned.”