Freda gets muddy for charity

18 May, 2016

wb-pr-1Staff and partners at Bradford-based Watson Buckle are sharing in the success of their colleague Freda Akram who has managed to raise nearly £500 for The National Autistic Society.

Business service manager Freda raised the money during her participation in the Half Tough Mudder, a gruelling event that see’s contestants complete a five miles run over more than 14 difficult mud-covered obstacles.

Freda said: “I was delighted to fundraise for The National Autistic Society at the Tough Mudder and support the great work they do.
“This charity helps people understand people who struggle to cope with everyday life. The work they do changes the lives, of not only those people with autism, but everyone involved in their life and, being a subject close to my heart, I wanted to do my bit by giving something back. “

wb-pr-2The event, held in Leicestershire, saw hundreds of competitors set off from the starting line to take on the course, with many pulling out along the way due to the harsh conditions.

Susan Sedgwick, Managing Director of Watson Buckle, added: “We are all in great admiration of Freda and her fundraising.

“The Half Tough Mudder is a difficult event and to go out and tackle it to raise money for such a worthy cause is excellent. The team and I at Watson Buckle are very proud of her achievement and we would like to congratulate her on finishing the course.”

If you would like to donate to Freda’s fundraising for The National Autistic Society, please visit