Splash landing for Bradford college thanks to accountants’ support

11 October, 2014

A Bradford school has been given a financial boost to provide water polo coaching sessions thanks to a donation from Bradford-based chartered accountants Watson Buckle.

St Bede’s & St Joseph’s Catholic College have been given £400 towards coaching fees from the Watson Buckle Foundation – which was set up following the 2012 Olympics to fund legacy projects.

Headteacher Laurence Bentley receives a cheque from Ian M Gill

Headteacher Laurence Bentley receives a cheque from Ian M Gill

The college was presented with a cheque by Watson Buckle partner Ian M Gill, whose sons attended the college.

Sajad Hussain, Deputy Leader of PE at the college, said: “The grant from Watson Buckle will go a long way to help improve and increase the number of young people taking part in water polo. It will give them access to quality coaching, giving them the best chance to compete at the highest level.

“The more young people we get to play the sport, the better chance the school will have to compete with other clubs and schools.

“Thanks to Watson Buckle, we will be able to recruit coaches who have a proven track record of success, as well as providing coaching sessions on weekends and evenings.”

Susan Sedgwick, managing partner at Watson Buckle, said: “We are delighted to contribute towards water polo coaching fees at the college which will enable the development of the sport and encourage students to get involved in sporting activities.

“Our Foundation was launched precisely to support projects like this that enable young people to live active and healthy lifestyles.

“We would urge any school, club or community group who are looking for a financial boost to their own Olympic Legacy Project to consider applying for funding from the Watson Buckle Foundation.”

To receive funding from the Watson Buckle Foundation, applicants will need to apply in writing by completing an online or hard copy application form, available to download from www.watsonbuckle.co.uk/olympiclegacy/

In order to be successful in their application for funding, candidates will need to clearly demonstrate how the cash will be used to support Olympic Legacy projects, as well as agreeing to press and online promotion of their activity.