All third sector organisations – including charities, friendly societies and other not-for-profit organisations – are value driven. Unlike other businesses, your goals are driven by the desire to further social, environmental or cultural objectives rather than by maximising profit, with any surpluses reinvested to further your aims.

You will have to comply with the rules of your regulatory body and provide evidence to members and other stakeholders that all of the organisation’s affairs are in order.

These special conditions mean that your accounting requirements are unique, needing a very specifically tailored advisory service. At Watson Buckle, we provide a broad range of services to third sector organisations of all types and in all sectors.

Working with clients ranging in size from small organisations right through to national charities, our services include:

  • Accounts prepared in accordance with the Charities’ Statement of Recommended Practices (SORP FRS 102)
  • Financial statements prepared in accordance with the Industrial & Provident Societies Act as well as the Friendly Society Act
  • Audit
  • VAT advice
  • Tax advice, including gift aid issues
  • Advising on trading and commercial activities
  • Compliance with Charity Commission and OSCR requirements
  • Advice regarding the evolving legislation
  • Registration of new charities

At Watson Buckle, we are committed to helping third sector organisations do what they do best – helping others.