Tax for Landlords

From Stamp Duty to Capital Gains Tax (CGT), property tax has become a major burden for landlords up and down the country.

Landlords have been forced to deal with significant changes to mortgage interest relief, as well as a non-trivial rise in Stamp Duty – not forgetting the new, stringent regulations on property lending.

That’s why more and more landlords are choosing Watson Buckle to handle their finances. We advise on the tax implications of property purchases from start to finish, and are the experts in tax-deductible allowances, repairs, and taxable revenue.

Property tax: What you need to know

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I have worked in the area of taxation for many years, initially for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) before joining Watson Buckle in October 1987.

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I became a member of the Watson Buckle team in April 2015, bringing along 14 years of industry experience.