Cashflow & forecasting

For all organisations, whether large or small, planning is a critical aspect of running a successful business.

Cash flows and forecasts play a key role in ensuring that the strategy of the business is realistic and workable, providing clients with vital information that helps determine how the business is funded, and also gives comfort to lenders and investors to secure finance.

The growth and development of any business needs to be underpinned by a plan and by budgetary control in order to ensure that targets are achievable and maintainable.  Constantly reviewing and updating these projections gives the owners up to date information and allows them to make key decisions about future investment and strategy.

At Watson Buckle, we take time to understand the needs of each client and then provide a bespoke approach to helping produce the cash flows and forecasts for the business.

Our service includes:

  • The creation of new projections
  • Assistance with updating and developing existing forecasts
  • Help and training to produce your own projections
  • Ongoing support

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Joint Managing Director

My main area of expertise is the audit of SMEs but I also act for a variety of clients from start-ups to international subsidiaries.