WB Connect

WB Connect is Watson Buckle’s Cloud Accounting Solution, your optimised online accounting service. With just a click of a button, access every essential financial tool in one location.

Why use our cloud services?

  • Save time; access your online account in seconds, allowing you to spend more time on what is important – you and your business.
  • Your records in one place; user-friendly dashboards make finding records, invoices, bills and reports easier than ever before.
  • Software that suits you; Xero, QuickBooks or Sage One – we use the latest and most advanced accountancy software to suit your business needs.
  • Agile accounting; access your records on-the-go from a mobile or tablet device, whenever you need them.
  • Expert advice; whether you are already an expert or just starting out, our team will ensure that your business will get the most out of online accounting.
  • Safe and secure; we only use certified online software with bank-level security and 24/7 customer support.
  • Collaborate; work, share and create in real-time with your accountant at Watson Buckle or another member of your team.

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Talk to our Cloud experts...

Michael Dolby
Specialism: Xero, SageOne, Quickbooks
Danielle Vollentine
Specialism: Xero, Quickbooks
Sandra Robinson
Specialism: Xero, Quickbooks
Selina Armitage
Specialism: Quickbooks
Gillian Craven
Specialism: Quickbooks
Samantha Stirzaker
Specialism: Quickbooks
Carol Dovebor
Specialism: Quickbooks
Katie Crichton
Specialism: Xero
Habeel Kahn
Specialism: SageOne, Quickbooks
Lewis Rapinczuk
Specialism: Quickbooks
Liam Dean
Specialism: Xero, SageOne, Quickbooks
Julie Todhunter
Specialism: Quickbooks