The Right Payroll Solution For Your Business

If you are an employer, you’ll know that payroll can be a problem. Not only must you calculate the correct tax and national insurance contributions from pay, but you may need to deal with other deductions – like maternity and sick pay, student loans repayments and pensions – and taxable benefits like company cars.

A mistake could prove costly and there are also tight timetables for returning statutory submissions and penalties for getting it wrong. More importantly, errors can lead to unhappy employees.

Whether you are a sole trader with one or two employees, or a large company with many staff, we can provide fast, cost-effective payroll management, using our computerised system leaves you free to concentrate on running your business.

We’ll process your payroll and respond promptly to enquiries, either by phone or online, and keep you compliant with any changes to payroll regulations. 

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Business Services Manager

I became a member of the Watson Buckle team in April 2015, bringing along 14 years of industry experience.