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Robert Weaver

I perform a range of roles, including, managing the weekly and quarterly accounts for clients, drafting VAT returns and finalising accounts at year end.

The thing I like most about my role is the problem solving. I enjoy finding and fixing issues within our clients’ accounts. I also like refining the bookkeeping and accounts process – ensuring that task will be simpler next time around.

I’m a methodical person, who ensures that the job is done to the best of my ability. I will put my hand to any task and won’t stop until the job is done.

I approach my job with an open and curious mind. I am intrigued to know what I will learn from the job, how it will improve me, and what I will learn about the client and their line of work.

A little personal

I have your more traditional hobbies of music, football and games. However, I also spend a lot of time studying languages, in particular Spanish and Japanese. As well as that I enjoy a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym, playing football, and having delicious, nutritional food.

What is your favourite film?

Catch me if you can, you can’t beat Tom and Leo.

What is your favourite song?

“Shadows – Midnight Version” – Roosevelt.

What is your favourite meal?

A Japanese curry from Cocoichiban.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Dungeons & Dragons.