Box Enclosures Ltd

Ken Stares runs Box Enclosures Ltd – a West Yorkshire-based company manufacturing enclosures for electronic devices including wall mounted, desk top and hand held devices – the company deals with businesses across the UK, Europe, with some customers in South Africa and Singapore.

Ken has been using the accountancy services of Watson Buckle for the past seven years at Box Enclosures and since 1999 with another business.

Ken says Watson Buckle came well recommended to him by MGI Worldwide – the global network of independent chartered accountants – and he knew from the start that they were the right accountants for him: “There was never any question of going anywhere else.”

Watson Buckle prepare the end of year accounts for Box Enclosures Ltd and provide Ken with advice on various other tax related topics throughout the year. Ken’s main contact at Watson Buckle is Stephen Tomlinson, whom he describes as ‘extremely knowledgeable and very professional’.

Box Enclosures Ltd has offices in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and manufacturing base in South West China. They require an accountancy firm that understands their business needs and can offer guidance when called upon and Watson Buckle do exactly that, says Ken: “They’ve got an understanding of business and what makes it work.”

Ken has recommended Watson Buckle to friends and colleagues in the past and is confident in their ability to provide a value for money service. One thing he finds particularly helpful is that there are no hidden charges: ”You know exactly where you stand.” You can’t say fairer than that.