Janua Hortorum

Janua Hortorum is a Bradford-based IT company, providing web and technical support to small and medium-sized businesses in Yorkshire and beyond – with clients in Europe, the USA and Australia.

When the firm was established 10 years ago, they were looking for a local accountant with a similar global outlook, and settled on Watson Buckle’s predecessor, Watson Wood, in part due to its membership of the MGI Worldwide network.

Director Jerry Carson said: “The big attraction initially was the MGI membership – we deal with clients internationally and we wanted an accountant with good overseas connections and knowledge that we could call on. It’s not something we use every day, but it’s good to have that option there if we need it.”

Watson Buckle now take care of all of the firm’s general accounting needs, including tax returns, end-of-year filings and payroll management, as well as being on hand to provide help and advice as needed. And Janua Hortorum now also provides Watson Buckle’s IT support, so it is a mutually beneficial relationship all round.

Jerry added: “The size of the practice is also appealing as we wouldn’t want anyone too small dealing with something as important as our finances, but it’s also good that they are of a size that we can get to know the partners and they get to know us.

“Our clients come from across a wide range of sectors, so it’s good to have a company with Watson Buckle’s depth of experience to call on – whatever issues may crop up, there’s always someone there who’s seen it all before.”