Leeds Trinity University College

Leeds Trinity University College prides itself on the community feeling that comes from having around 3,000 students, one-fifth of the student population of the average UK university.

This enables the tutors and lecturers to know their students by name and ensures undergraduates quickly get to know the staff and their peers.

As a result, approachability is one of the qualities that Kate Storey, finance officer at the Students’ Union, values in her professional relationship with Watson Buckle.

Watson Buckle became the Students’ Union’s accountants three and a half years ago, when Ms Storey was looking to change and the firm was recommended to her by a member of the board of governors.

Since then, the accountants have taken care of the audit, advised on tax and VAT issues, and handled the payroll.

“Watson Buckle has helped immensely with our financial reporting to the board of governors,” says Ms Storey, “including setting up templates and guiding us through the whole process.

“When I started, the financial side of the Students’ Union was in a bad state. Watson Buckle helped upgrade the paper trails and filing systems, meaning we now have a record of ticket sales and stock control.

“This has led to tighter controls and improved management of our finances. We have a better idea of what money we have. Before I joined, money was going missing, but this does not happen now that we keep better track of our finances.”

Consequently, Ms Storey would be happy to recommend Watson Buckle to anyone looking for an accountant.

“The firm is professional, very approachable and respectable,” she says,”and I have not had any problems.”