Microchips Ltd

Compatibility is a factor that shouldn’t be underestimated in any relationship, especially the one between a business and its accountant.

That’s why, when Mr Pipe set up Microchips Ltd (trading as SP Wools), he asked his longstanding friend, John Farley of Watson Buckle, to handle his accountancy needs.

While both businesses have undergone significant changes since then, with SP Wools now operating as a partnership rather than a limited company and Mr Farley having retired, the relationship remains as strong as ever.

Over the years, Watson Buckle has taken care of the year end accounts and company tax returns, as well as advising on the change from limited company to partnership status.

“Watson Buckle advised on the change, but I had already made my own mind up as I saw the pattern in the market and the benefits of incorporation were no longer there.

“I’m at the stage of the game where I’m not going in for new projects, so the business is more of a paying hobby. I feel I have a bit of energy left, and don’t want to lose out on profitable customers by closing down.”

According to Mr Pipe, one of the main advantages of working with Watson Buckle is the firm’s good name.

“I have a theory that HM Revenue & Customs looks at who your accountant is and, if they have a good name, doesn’t pester you – and I’ve never had any problems with them, so far.”

Mr Pipe would certainly recommend Watson Buckle as he has no complaints and the standard of work is always acceptable.

“The team at Watson Buckle is always approachable if I have any problems; I can always ring and chat to someone. The person I have been dealing with since John retired, Colin, is excellent and very good at returning my calls – and I even received a birthday card from him!”