Simply Paving

Even in difficult economic times, innovative firms can prosper, and so it has proved for Halifax-based Simply Paving which, by selling paving products directly to the customer via phone or the internet, has been able to offer consistently lower prices to cost-conscious homeowners.

A forward-thinking company like Simply Paving needs a forward-thinking accountant, so it is no surprise Watson Buckle has proved a perfect fit in the role.

Simply Paving was founded in 2005 as a joint venture, then when managing director Philip Marshall took sole control two years later, he brought Watson Buckle in as accountants.

The firm provides a full range of accountancy services such as payroll, tax returns and VAT, as well as providing general advice as and when needed, as the company has continued to grow.

Philip said: “Watson Buckle have been excellent and I’m very pleased with the service they’ve always offered us. They’re always approachable and very competent and professional in what they do – I’d have no hesitation in recommending them to someone else.”