SP125 Racing

Steve Patrickson has been running SP125 Racing for 30 years. His long-established company specialises in the supply and sale of new and used motorcycle parts and accessories for individuals and racing teams, many of whom are involved, or take part in, a range of high profile events including the British Superbike Championships.

Doing a job you love, and working for yourself is many people’s dream, says Mr Patrickson but points out that it can sometimes be tough.

Mr Patrickson has been self-employed since he started his business when he was just 18 years old. Working from home in Baildon, Shipley, West Yorkshire, SP125 Racing, which he describes “an expensive hobby-sport” became a limited company in 2004.

“In my line of business, we rely on sponsorship from individuals and companies and during lean times the first thing to go are the ‘fun’ things. Less sponsorship means less riders and lower sales. Fortunately, Watson Buckle has given me sound advice and assistance over the years and I’m still here so that says a lot,” he said.

Watson Buckle have been looking after the personal and business accounts for Mr Patrickson for many years (in fact, since before they were Watson Buckle), thanks to a link between one of the original directors at the firm and a sponsor of his racing bike team.

These days, he is happy to work with Stephen Tomlinson who specialises in working with small companies and sole traders. The accountancy firm also takes care of the payroll side of things too and has advised him on his pension arrangements, ensuring that he is making the most of the opportunities available.

Mr Patrickson said: ”Having an accountant that I can trust is an important part of my business. I have exactly that with Watson Buckle, and I know I can just give them a call and speak to them if ever I have a query. It works well because I’m able to get on with the job of running my business whilst the accounting side of things is left to the experts at Watson Buckle.”