Thornton Cottage Homes

Looking after the accounts of a charitable organisation is a big responsibility and when it comes to ensuring they are all up to date and transparent, it is crucial to have the right support from an accountant you can trust.

Peter Fleming is treasurer for Thornton Cottage Homes; a group of four almshouse cottages which house elderly residents within the Brighouse community in Huddersfield.

The charity status of the almshouses mean that the accounts must be professionally audited by a chartered accountant in order to comply with the regulations set out by the Charity Commission and the Almshouse Associations. This is where Watson Buckle come in.

Peter said: “Watson Buckle have been looking after the accounts for Thornton Cottage Homes for the past ten years. I’ve been treasurer for the last seven of those and I always deal with the same person, Susan, who is very helpful.”

Watson Buckle prepare and audit the accounts based on the records which Peter provides, together with the invoices and bank statements for Thornton Cottage Homes.

When he first became treasurer, Peter found the advice from Watson Buckle, about how to organise the finances and maintain the records of the charity, extremely useful and he is very happy with the service they provide.

“It’s so convenient; I present them with the account information and it comes back in a format which is acceptable to the Charity Commission and the Almshouse Association. When it comes back, I know its right and that gives me peace of mind.

“Having a chartered accountant like Watson Buckle do the accounts satisfies everybody.”