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Access to small business market hinges on transparency, research suggests - 28 August 2018

Transparency from legal services providers on price would result in small businesses seeking more legal advice, a new study has revealed. The findings come as part of the Legal Services Board’s (LSB) third research report into the legal needs of

35 per cent rise in number of legal firms falling short of SRA Accounts Rules - 28 August 2018

The number of law firms closing due to breaches of SRA Accounts Rules has increased by 35 per cent, new figures reveal. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), which published the report, said it had closed 50 law firms in the

Cybercrime and fraud costing legal firms dear - 28 August 2018

Fraud and cybercrime is costing law firms and clients millions of pounds each year as the number of crimes reaches record levels, new figures reveal. In a new report, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) warned that it is important that

New regulatory changes unveiled by the SRA - 25 July 2018

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has published details of a raft of new regulatory changes which aim to make legal services “more accessible to the public”. Among the changes being introduced, the SRA will establish separate Codes of Conduct for

Legal sector lays out ‘EU wish list’ - 25 July 2018

The legal sector has joined forces with other professional services providers to detail what it needs to continue providing a quality service in the UK after Brexit. The Law Society, which published the report in collaboration with other regulators and

Solicitors and law firms shying away from fixed fee services - 25 July 2018

Some 56.88 per cent of law firms do not mention fixed fees on their website, despite new price publication rules coming into force this year, a new study has revealed. The figures were published as part of an extensive survey

Trainee solicitors hit hard by removal of minimum salary requirement - 19 June 2018

The average salary for a trainee solicitor has fallen after the removal of a minimum salary, a new report has revealed. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), which published the research, said that despite the fall, trainee numbers have grown and

Law firms benefit from ‘more focused’ accounting changes - 19 June 2018

Recent changes to legal sector accounting have delivered a “greater focus” on issues of genuine concern, according to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). The review follows reforms to allow accountants to apply greater professional judgement in reviewing risks to client

How might proposed IR35 changes affect solicitors? - 19 June 2018

A new consultation exploring the taxation of contractors working in the private sector may have a significant effect on law firms. The consultation will look at improving ‘off-payroll’ working rules, known as IR35. Under these rules, self-employed contractors are assessed

Legal aid cuts weighing heavily on criminal defence lawyers, study finds - 9 May 2018

The Law Society has published a damning report into the future of the criminal justice system, which worryingly suggests that there will not be enough solicitors to provide criminal defence services in just five or 10 years’ time. “Criminal duty