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Benjamin Keeble

My career in accounting at Watson Buckle started straight after I left school. I had initially completed a work experience week with a finance company where I learnt how to create data files, deal with bank reconciliation, sorting through cheque payments and inputting data for both cheque and card payments on relevant spreadsheets.

It was this initial experience that made me seek out work within the accounting profession. I now assist with Construction Industry Scheme returns and accounts for sole traders.

Every day is different and, therefore, I am learning new skills and how to approach different jobs as I work toward becoming a qualified Chartered Accountant.

I enjoy doing new and interesting jobs which helps me to grow and expand my knowledge of accountancy.

I work with various people, across different departments, to learn from their expertise and build a strong team connection.

I try to approach every job with the same positive attitude by working hard and being dedicated to completing the tasks to the best of my ability, no matter if it is a long-complicated process.

A little personal

I have always had a keen interest in playing sports and being active, playing football, basketball, tennis, cricket and badminton. As well as representing my previous school in various tournaments, I have also played football for Bingley Juniors from an early age. Winning various trophies and awards along the way has given me a sense of achievement and helped develop my communication skills as part of a team.

What is your favourite film?

I enjoy the Fast & Furious films.

What is your favourite song?

Happier – Bastille.

What is your favourite meal?

Chinese takeaway.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Buying football shirts.

Something to inspire you

Fail to prepare then prepare to fail.