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Sandra Robinson

Accounts Manager

I became a member of the Watson Buckle team in April 2015, bringing along more than 20 years of industry and practice experience.

My knowledge and experience extend to a wide cross-section of clients, sole traders, partnerships and small limited companies operating in a diverse range of industry sectors.

Within my portfolio I advise on Start Ups, Incorporation, Personal Tax issues, VAT, Payroll and the Construction Industry Scheme, and with the help of a core team of colleagues deliver a bespoke accountancy and tax-planning solutions to all clients.

A little personal

When not at work, I like exercising particularly running and walking.

What is your favourite film?

I prefer a good book to a film and read a cross section of genres.

What is your favourite song?

Too many, but Dancing Queen has a special place in my heart.

What is your favourite meal?

Anything with cheese in it followed by cake!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Only one I’m prepared to admit to is watching Love Island.